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Orange LED GmbH, Favoritenstra├če 70 1040 Vienna


Company name Orange LED GmbH
Commercial register number 437557t
GLN (public administration) 9110022266535
Company court Handelsgericht Wien
Authority according to ECG (E-Commerce law) Magistratisches Bezirksamt des IV. Bezirkes

Member of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

Section / professional branch

LG foreign trade Export, import, transit and internal market trade
LG electrical and home furnishings retail Elektroeinzelhandel

LG mail order, internet and general trade


Permissions upright

Trades with the exception of regulated trades

f├╝r den Standort Favoritenstra├če 70/1 | 1040 Wien GF: Ing. Turgut Mermertas

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Vienna | Company-wide data
1040 Vienna, Favoritenstrasse 70/1 | Export, import, transit trade; Mail order; Electrical retail; Electrical wholesale

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